Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

Winter weather can be hard on your vehicle, so it’s a good idea to be proactive and prepare your vehicle for winter before the cold snap kicks in. It’s always sensible to check your car when the seasons shift to make sure that everything is in check and it’s prepared for the weather to come. Instead of procrastinating and waiting until the snow falls, it’s wiser to prepare your vehicle for winter in advance so you can make any necessary modifications to ensure your full safety on the road.


Fill up your fluids and give your engine a once over to check for any cracked hoses or leaks. Make sure you use the right engine oil too, as some fluid can change consistency in cold weather. Check your user’s manual to see if your engine has the right grade of oil for the season and if not, make sure to top up with a fluid that is more suitable.

Exterior Care

While you need to care for the mechanical functions of your vehicle, you also need to take care of the exterior too. Give your vehicle a thorough clean and use a good wax to protect it from any grit or road salt that may eat away at the paint work.


It’s a good idea to doublecheck that all of your exterior lights are in good working condition. When the weather gets bad and you get caught out in rain, fog or snow, you need to make sure that your vehicle is visible to other drivers to avoid any nasty accidents.


You know that small crack and minor chip that you’ve been avoiding getting fixed? Well, now’s the time to do it. Cold weather can cause cracks to worsen significantly, so it’s better to prevent it from getting any worse to save you a hefty bill. Make sure that your windshield wipers are in good condition too, as these will definitely be put to the test in torrential rain or snow.


It’s advised to make the switch to winter tires, especially if you live in cold or mountainous areas. Winter tires operate well in icy or snowy conditions, and they can grip the road much better than summer or all-season tires. They do wear down fairly quickly, but it’s well worth the investment if it guarantees your safety in bad weather.

Hopefully these reminders will keep your car working this winter. If not, call your roadside assistance company for help.

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